The perfect mix of high and low brow..I feel like I am having important conversations with friends.
— Moonaclucker via iTunes

As a ten year old, Monique Bowley presented 'New Kids On The Block Radio', which was her mostly introducing songs that she had recorded off the top 40 and onto her Casio tapedeck. What a nuffy. Since then, she's produced and presented broadcast radio, on both commercial talkback, and with the ABC; she was the Director of Podcasts at the Mamamia Podcast Network, where she hosted several shows; and she is now an Executive Producer at the ABC's Audio Studios; a podcast production house, where she is working on several new shows for 2018. 

You can listen to some of her earlier work here: 

Mamamia Out Loud

The weekly podcast that's smart, sometimes silly and always surprising. Absolutely everything is up for discussion: from pop culture to politics, body image to motherhood, feminism to fashion. Winner of iTunes Best New Podcast of 2015, and named as iTunes "classic" shows in 2016, it's the flagship program in the Mamamia Podcast Network. 

Listen to the latest episode here:

14 Questions Straight Women Have For Gay Women

What's it like to fall in love with a women? Why do some lesbians like to dress like men? And what are the most offensive things people do or say? There are some questions straight women want to know of their gay friends but are sometimes too afraid to ask. These are those questions. And the answers and stories will surprise, delight, and shock.

Hello, Bump.

So, you're growing a human inside you. Or you're thinking about it. Bec Judd has been pregnant quite a lot, and Monique Bowley has nine hundred questions she wants to ask her. Together, with an in-house dream-team of experts, they take you right through your pregnancy, month by month. This is pregnancy real talk, where nothing is off limits. From fertility to the first six weeks at home, get the most honest, practical and often hilarious talk about what you're not expecting, when you're expecting. There will be tears. There will be laughs. There will be labour poo talk. 

Listen to the full series here:

Mamamia Book Club

If you think reading is boring, you're doing it wrong. Whether you're a big juicy book worm or just want to include more reading into your life, the Mamamia book club welcomes you. Join Monique Bowley, author Jacqueline Lunn and guests as they dive between the pages of some brilliant, (and not so brilliant) reads. It's the book club for when you don't want to go to real life book club.